Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

Startup's Best Patrons

Which Silicon Valley networks are best at bankrolling ambitious startups? Attention in recent years has focused on a cluster of PayPal alumni known as the “PayPal mafia.” A new study validates that group’s status for now — but it also finds a rival Facebook cohort is on the ascent.

The analysis was carried out for Forbes by Cdling Capital Services, a startup launched by long-time Canadian entrepreneur Michael Cayley. He and a colleague, Saif Al Naib, culled through more than 20,000 entries in TechCrunch’s CrunchBase listings of individuals who have helped run or fund startups in recent years. Then the Cdling team created its own ratings for each person’s clout, using a strength-of-network analysis somewhat similar to Google‘s famous PageRank system. View The Full Story