Montag, 11. März 2013

La La Shou

Crowdfunding with Cinese Characteristics

A new platform launched by internet giant Tencent enables social enterprises in China to diversify their funding streams and reach vast audiences.

When the Chinese social enterprise La La Shou decided to create a club and host an annual conference for its beneficiaries, it turned to a new crowd-funding platform launched by Chinese internet giant Tencent to raise the needed funds.

La La Shou, which provides training, consulting and advocacy for disabled children, their parents and teachers in the city of Xi'an, applied to join the scheme in September. It uploaded its proposal and business plan on Tencent's public welfare page and launched a social media campaign which netted it RMB 50,000 (£5,000) by encouraging 47,000 people to re-tweet its messages in less than two months. theguardian