Dienstag, 26. März 2013


Gambitious about

professional crowdfunding for the game industry

Gambitious is the first professional crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to the games industry. We are here to help independent game developers and even publishers reach the widest audience with their proposals and to attract the funding they need to complete the project and to bring it to market.

This is how Gambitious works

Developers set their own funding goal (€20,000 up to €2.5 million), project terms, and  decide if they (partly) go for funding through equity raise or through pledge/donations.
Developers determine the rewards or how much equity they are willing to offer investors in return. Developers always retain intellectual property rights and creative control of the project. Gambitious offers access to a global audience of investors and fans and enables them to directly contribute to game projects and allowing the to share in their success. Gambitious uses a secure and dedicated trust account for all

Investments on the platform are secured until the funding goal has been reached and all legal and fiscal requirements have been met. Only when the funding goal is met the transaction is executed, ensuring that investors receive their equity stake and the studios receive the financing to support their game projects. Gambitious.com