Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Beating Carriers

Natasha Lomas: Why Startups Are Beating Carriers

Any startups out there seeking to build a business by setting out to confuse as many users as possible with overly complex pricing structures, while tricking those who can’t afford the full-fat service into signing up for ridiculously over-priced rubbish and then making it really hard for them to opt out? If so you’ll want to look to carriers for inspiration.

Startups aren’t immune to dubious and irresponsible behaviour, of course — appropriating address book data without asking properly first, for instance, or playing fast and loose with TOS and scaring the bejesus out of users – but those that act like douches have to worry that their douchey behviour will cause them to (rightly) lose users. Carriers operate differently: their infrastructure has created captive markets, making it tough for customers to switch to a better alternative. Hence the shoddy behaviour. Read more on TECH CRUNCH