Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

The CrowdFunding Social Network

Crowd Boarders (NOUN): 
A purpose built Internet board created and displayed by an Individual, seeking public investments on a Social Network, in order to fulfill their goal, ambition, creation or destiny.

Danny Kelman, CEO


Crowd Boarders:
"All over the world people are raising money for things they believe in: business ideas, charities, products, inventions and so on....we actively encourage everyone to come and join us, build boards, connect with others and find investment opportunities that suit your own tastes. 

CrowdBoarders is not just for the dreamers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists; it is for anyone trying to make an impact on the World and simply wanting the chance to make it happen today. 

Ever had a great idea and never knew what to do with it? Ever wanted to invest in a worthwhile cause and not known how to find the right one? Ever thought about joining a new group and make something special happen one day?

With CrowdBoarders all these things happen, now you have found the ideal place to share your ideas, support good causes and join in with others already investing!
So sign up now and join the only Network to offer a real Social Purpose!"