Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Power-Up Your Crowdfunding Pitch Video




"Show you can pitch with conviction (or Don’t solicit, elicit)

There’s a huge difference between pitching and panhandling –– with the latter, you’re asking for a handout while the former is all about the finesse of eliciting a response from a potential funder by offering them a chance to become part of something great. A pitch should never be delivered in so mundane a manner that by the end, the viewer feels sympathetic and hands you a $5 bill. Strive to pitch with conviction and, much like the movie you’re hoping to make happen through crowdfunding, evoke a sense of empathy that will empower the viewer to want to make this happen, and thus contribute more, not less, to your campaign.
How do you do this? Be passionate about your project, be excited about what you’re offering to these potential funders, and always make the pitch about the funders, never about yourself." few more points